And you may ask yourself, "Well... how did I get here?". I decided to make start writing my blog again about my life with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. I will also write about my great family and friends. Hope you enjoy. 

There was a story in the local paper about me turning 40 which can be seen here.

I was a bit embarrassed when it was arranged but I thought about it and realised people might like to learn more about my condition. I have been asked to do a presentation in the autumn which I am looking forward to. I have done a few before and I enjoy doing them when asked. 

I have had my trachi nearly eight years and I think of all good and bad times but overall I’d say it’s definitely worth it even though it’s a hard choice for someone. I just wish anyone with my condition could get one without the worry of being able to get the care needed to support having a trachi. As currently it’s a fight getting a big enough care package and and maintaining it. I know it’s a lot of money but it’s cheaper than keeping someone in ITU. I also believe everyone should get the care they deserve. 

I’m very lucky to have such an amazing supportive family that helps me, I don’t know what I’d do without them. Family is very important to me as they help you through the hard times, and you enjoy the fun times with your family. I love them all very much. The other important part of my support network are my care team (Team Bryan) managed by Allied Healthcare, as they help me maintain my independence, go places, meet my friends, go to social events, go to the pub and the not so fun stuff like hospital check ups etc. I have a great team I'm extremely lucky and very well looked after, they are good friends too. My friends are a key part of my life as they are great company, good laugh and fun to be with. Sometimes you don't see them for ages then when you do its like you've never been apart. What my Family, carers and friends all do is pick me up if I'm down and all make me happy spending time with them.

I also want to say I get amazing support from Dr Davidson, Alison Clarke and the rest of the team at the Long Term Ventilation Unit based at Queen Elizebeth University Hospital and the staff Ward 7B who look after me when I'm in. Also Jim from Marie Curie is a great help and friend.

I'm a big Morton fan with a season ticket, however I don't get to as many games as I once did due to our brilliant weather and the odd bug. However I love going when I can as its always a great day out (away games as well) despite the result. Wish I had a heated glass box to sit at the games in!