What is your background, where are you from, what do you do, what is your connection to Duchenne?

I'm Jonathan Booth and I live in London. I currently work for the BBC and help keep the BBC News and Weather websites up and running. I'm running for Ben, who is one of my cousin kids who was recently diagnosed and hope to raise money for him and everyone else,

Why did you take on the challenge of The London Marathon this year?

I've applied for the Marathon ballot each year, this year I got in. I technically don't have to raise any money to do the race but on my longest training run in the April wind and heavy rain I had a moment thinking 'Why am I doing this?' I kind of realised if I was doing all of this, it should have a reason. I spoke to Ben's parents how I could help and they pointed me here. It now means I actually have to do the marathon because I've been sponsored! It will also help when the going gets tough that there is a reason to finish!

How are you preparing for the event?

Run. Run. Run. The weather has not exactly been great with the beast from the East, snow, and what seems like constant rain. Most weekends you have to make time for a long run so weekends in March become very focused. Because the weather has been quite bad even in Spring, most of the long runs have been in rain. My longest training run was 21 miles which involved, strong cold wind, rain, mud, wet feet and nearly slipping in a canal twice, and that was the beginning of April. The Weather forecast for the day is 18 degrees. I'm not sure I'm prepared for nice weather!

How have the Action Duchenne team helped you in your training?

As I've decided to raise money quite late, I set up my just giving page and they were quick to contact me to offer advice and are sending me a vest for race day! I just feel privileged I can help in some way and help raise some money and awareness.

If you'd like to support Jonathan's London Marathon efforts you can donate to his Just Giving page here

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