What is your background, where are you from, what do you do, what is your connection to Duchenne?

I'm from Bollington in Cheshire, and I'm currently self-employed working in the Pharmaceutical Industry, although I'd rather be a Baker. My connection to Duchenne is through friends, Kate and Andrew, they have a son Toby who has Duchenne. Toby is 14 now and is a great lad, you can't imagine what he has to go through every day but his resilience should be a lesson to us all. I certainly use him as inspiration when I'm running. I'm lucky to be able to run, and it's a privilege to be able to do a small bit to help my friends and hopefully other families as well.

Why did you take on the challenge of The London Marathon this year?

I try to do a challenge of some sort most years to support Duchenne, and I think the pain of the last marathon I did has finally subsided so I thought now was the time to go back to it. The last, and only, one I've done before was the London Marathon 20 years ago, it's taken a while for the blisters to heal! I watch it on the TV every year and it is always inspirational hearing the different stories behind every runner.

How are you preparing for the event?

I'd like to say by running a lot, but probably by not running enough would be more accurate! I've certainly found the training harder than 20 years ago, things seem to hurt more and get better slower. I've been trying to mix up the training a little to keep it interesting, so plenty of running, but also cycling, pilates and a bit of swimming, I'm sure it all counts.

How have the Action Duchenne team helped you in your training?

The tea have been very supportive with encouraging messages, and particularly in setting up the team Facebook site. I'm new to Facebook so that has been a learning curve, but it's great to see others training/aching, it makes you realise you aren't alone. My team at home have also been very supportive, letting me have the time to train, but also running baths, and providing hugs at key times

If you'd like to support Matthew's London Marathon efforts you can donate to his Just Giving page here

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