“The Everyone Can team are very excited to be joining The Action Duchenne international Conference! We’ll be running two sessions and we’re sure they will be just as fun, noisy and lively as our usual sessions! With a variety of multiplayer games we’re all about getting everyone playing together and interacting.” - Nikki Jones, Everyone Can

The Action Duchenne International Conference is a truly family-friendly event and we welcome all ages!

About 'The Hang Out'

We know that when the kids are happy, parents are happy too!

So, we've pulled out all the stops this year at the conference to put on a great action-packed weekend full of activities for youngsters in 'The Hang Out'.

'The Hang Out' room is conveniently right next to the 'Kids Club'. You can book the kids into the 'Kids Club' where they will be looked after by our professional childcare team, so that you can immerse yourself in sessions at the conference child-free. Then, you can pick up the kids and pop next door all together to enjoy 'The Hang Out' activities together as a family. 

The conference is such a friendly, flexible environment, so you can join in as much or as varied activities as you like! 

To give you an idea of what is planned in 'The Hang Out' check out the full agenda and a few taster details below;

Get involved 

If you would like to join us in the 'The Hang Out' for any of the amazing sessions.  Please do fill in your details below or email our Community Fundraising Officer Sam via [email protected]

We will use your information to keep you informed about the gaming workshop and other activities running in 'The Hang Out' throughout the Action Duchenne International Conference 2018.

“I have recently started drip-feeding the children more information about Samson’s condition and made the decision to bring them all to the conference this year. My parents are coming to look after the two boys (8 and 6) and my best friend will help with my 1 year old. I will reserve the children a space in the Kids Club for the weekend, but they can come and go and spend some time with their Grandparents and meet other kids in ‘The Hang Out’ too.

Samson couldn’t believe it when I told him there were other children and people with the same muscles as him that he would meet in November. His brother, Leo was open-mouthed when I told him he would be meeting other brothers and sisters of people with Samson’s muscles.

They seemed to feel relieved that they aren’t the only ones! They are so excited to come and have fun in the swimming pool, in the youngsters’ sessions, listen to the band and have a dance. I would recommend the conference to any family.” Lynnette Ellison, Parent


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