I ran the 10km, dripping with a cold, on a wet and freezing cold october morning, through muddy fields and woodland with my friend and I've never had so much fun or felt such a feeling of accomplishment when I crossed the line. Brilliant experience. - Ben (Manchester)

Rough Runner is an obstacle course challenge, combining distance running with a variety of unique obstacles along the way, each inspired by game shows such as Total Wipeout, Takeshi’s Castle, Gladiators and Ninja Warrior. Expect sweeper arms, giant pigeon battles, big balls and yes, The Travelator!  Each venue has a 5km route with around 10 obstacles, a 10km route with 15, and all 20 obstacles on our 15km route if you’re up for the toughest challenge

That’s right, Rough Runner is coming back for the 4th year running! Our inaugural event in 2016 was a great success, soon superseded by our 2017 and 2018 events, that saw over double the numbers and amazing feedback, so we have to come back!

So we’re bringing back our awesome, TV game show-inspired obstacles north of the border, to the stunning Penicuik Estate, just south of Edinburgh and in a stunning setting. It’s an amazing place and it makes for an incredible course.

For those who’ve been before, come back, take on the new route that this venue offers and see what new obstacles we have in store for you!

So go create a team, grab some friends and colleagues and help us to make an absolutely amazing event happen!

To book, call 020 8556 9955, email [email protected] or register through booking system below.


Rough Runner - Scotland -  Saturday 5k

Rough Runner - Scotland -  Saturday 10k

Rough Runner - Scotland -  Saturday 15k

Rough Runner - Scotland -  Sunday 5k

Rough Runner - Scotland -  Sunday 10k

Rough Runner - Scotland -  Sunday 15k

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