Following her son Lucas' diagnosis with Duchenne just 2 weeks ago devoted parent Chantelle, along with her wonderful mum and super proud grandma Pearl have decided to knit a hugging scarf to wrap around the children and families at this year's Action Duchenne International Conference.

Chantelle and Pearl are keen knitters, making jumpers, scarves and other lovely things for friends and family.  They are determined to focus their time, energy and love during this very difficult time into something positive.  We are truly inspired by their whole family and are helping them in their early diagnosis stage along with helping them in this incredible project.

A hug when you need it the most

The meaning of the hugging scarf is simple and something that will resonate with the entire Duchenne community. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, sister, brother or friend, the scarf offers a way for you to reach out and give a gentle hug to those who you love even when you are not there.

Inspired to get involved?

Chantelle and Pearl would love knitters in the community to get involved too - here's how;

Grab a 100g ball of wool, if using chunky wool cast 30 stitches across or 14 inches if using double knit and knit until the wool runs out!

Please send your creations to our Community Fundraising Officer Sam via Action Duchenne Ltd, 41-59 East Road, London N1 6AH. 

Thank you so much for supporting this incredible family.

Your Action Duchenne team x x

Help and support from Action Duchenne