2009 £800,000 AVI Biopharma – The project with the US biopharma has three progammes: Engaging with European and US regulatory authorities to develop exon skipping as a platform medicine,Research and development of other oligos to skip exons 53, 44, 45 and further Development of
European Clinical Trial sites

2009 £35K Appointment of Dr Karen Rafferty, Treat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Coordinator. To support the dissemination of internationally agreed Standards of Care for Duchenne to families and clinicians in the UK.

2009 £166K Dr Matthew Wood and Dr Mike Gait – Advances in exon skipping for Duchenne muscular dystrophy: heart correction and multi-exon skipping in partnership with Duchenne lreland

2008 £80K Professor Steve Wilton University of Western Australia – Antisense Oligonucleotide Design in partnership with the James and Matthew Foundation lreland

2008 £20K Dr Mike Gait University of Cambridge, MRC Molecular Biology Laboratory – Development of peptide PNA conjugates for exon skipping

2008 £155K Dr Matthew Wood University of Oxford PNA exon skipping project

2007 £30K Profs. Volker Straub and Kate Bushby, Institute of Human Genetics, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK – Effect of pharmacologically increased endothelial permeability on the uptake of antisense oligonucleotides in cardiac myocytes in mdx mice

2007 £175K Established the ZF Partnership with leading drug discovery company Summit that has helped to support the further development of a utrophin upregulation drug by Biomarin in the USA. In partnership with Charley’s Fund and Gavriel Meir Trust.

2006 £60K Professor Steve Wilton University of Western Australia – Using explants to develop Exon skipping

2006 £150K Professor Kay Davies University of Oxford Using AAV/U7 to develop exon skipping for Duchenne in partnership with ICE (Monaco and France Duchenne Parent projects)

2005 £ 100K Dr Jenny Morgan and Professor Francesco Muntoni lmperial College and UCL London – Stem cell therapy using a lentivirus to modify the faulty gene

2003 Establishing the MDEX consortium with leading UK scientists and Clinicians in partnership with the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign and Duchenne Family Support Group . Funding of 2.2m secured for the MDEX consortium from the Department of Health and the Medical Research Council