I live in Birmingham with my wife Vicky & our children Chanel & Ryan both aged 23, Aaron aged 17 & Jack aged 15. Both Aaron & Jack have DMD; Vicky & Chanel are both carriers of the Duchenne gene.

We have been involved with Action Duchenne by means of attending conferences both in London & Hereward College in Coventry & the’ Takin’ Charge’ group of which both Aaron & Jack are part of, we have made a considerable amount of friends whom are all going through the same journey in life as we are, all through the work of Action Duchenne.

My decision to become a trustee is that I would like to be a part of an organization that is at the forefront of researching a cure for all of our boys with DMD, has a strong standing within parliament and one that supports its members. I would like to give back to Action Duchenne some of my time as they have done for my family over the years, mostly I would like to make a difference for all boys with DMD.

I have experience of living with DMD such as the adaptation process, I can act as a contact for families in the Birmingham & surrounding areas, currently our boys are going through the new EHCP assessment so I could advise on the process and any discrepancies in the process that may need to be addressed. As a self-employed Locksmith & previously a Supervisor for a busy Distribution Centre I bring good communication & organizational skills more important I am a people person who is passionate to get what our boys deserve.