Last Friday, our Community Fundraising & Marketing Officer, Lynnette, was asked to present Duchenne from a parent's perspective to a number of trainee GP Doctors at her local surgery. She represented Action Duchenne and the entire Duchenne community in explaining the early symptoms and nuances of the condition. She explained the benefits of early diagnosis, standards of care and how to effectively manage families around diagnosis stage. She also gave her perspective around the Duchenne journey and shared the achievements of some of our young people and adults who are living their lives to the full, despite the diagnosis. She also touched upon the emotional and psychosocial aspects of Duchenne, and the effect is has on families and young people. 
We as a charity relish every opportunity to advocate life with Duchenne to professionals in the Healthcare field. Last month, Lynnette was joined by Jo Eames (Trustee), to present to 60 trainee Physiotherapists at Hatfield University, explaining the physical, emotional and social effects of Duchenne and emphasised the importance of early, careful diagnosis. 
Duchenne is still relatively unknown to healthcare professionals such as GPs, health visitors and A&E staff so please get in touch if there are any opportunities to present to teams in your local area, we'd love to hear from you [email protected].