We are delighted to announce our friends and long-time supporters of the charity, Trevor and Lucy, are our new Action Duchenne Ambassadors!

Lucy first became aware of Duchenne muscular dystrophy in 2004 when she attended Treloars College and met her friend Stuart. Over time she became more knowledgeable about Duchenne, which she describes as "cruel", because Stuart and a number of other young men were involved with the charity. In 2011 when Stuart sadly passed away she was determined to become more involved with the charity in his memory to help find a cure and improve the quality of life for other young people living with the same condition. Lucy says "I am very passionate about Action Duchenne and feel very honoured to now be asked to become an ambassador for the charity."

Trevor is Lucy's fiancé and became aware of the condition through Lucy's friends. One of them used to attend the Action Duchenne conferences and rallies, trying to raise awareness and fund life-prolonging drugs. After his passing, Trevor and Lucy decided they wanted to continue this role in his memory. They have regularly taken part in bucket collections, arranged their own fun days to raise funds and awareness, and also attend the Action Duchenne conference every year. Trevor is confident that "one day people with Duchenne will be able to live a fulfilling life long into adulthood and beyond."