'Do Your Own Thing' Events

Hold a bake sale or raffle, organise a family fun-day or disco, or simply pound the streets with a collecting tin! Whatever you choose to do for Action Duchenne, we will support you every step of the way! You will be part of the team who are carving the future for young people living with DuchenneRead more

Challenge events

Whether you want to run, cycle, skydive, trek or jog, we have a challenge event to suit you. Check out our various UK and International events.Read more

Corporate partnerships

Work with us to ensure people living with Duchenne live the longest and most fulfilled lives possible.Read more


2017 was an amazing year for daredevils taking to the skies, and taking the plunge to #Dive for Duchenne. We have lots of challenges to get involved in, or just get in touch if you have an idea of an event you want to take part in. Sign up for 2018!Read more

Parallel London

The world’s first fully accessible and inclusive fun push/run, with distances from 100 metres to 10km available is back! We had an amazing 23 people take part for Action Duchenne in 2016, this year we had over 60! Sign up for 2018!Read more

Balls and charity dinners

For the ambitious, charity balls are a magnificent way to fundraise for Action Duchenne.Read more


Abseils are available throughout the year (weather permitting) at various locations up and down the country. If you have somewhere in particular in mind, let us know and we will make it happen!Read more

Shark encounter

You will be swimming freely (no cages required) with Blue Planet Aquarium's collection of 10ft sand tiger sharks.Read more

Bungee jump

Why not take on a Bungee Challenge and raise money to help power our life-changing work.Read more

Download fundraising pack

There are endless ways to fundraise! Our fundraising pack will help you get started!Read more