Our carrier workshops are a great opportunity to exchange information, share advice and get support from other families. In the past the workshops have attracted female Carriers of the Duchenne gene, non-carriers and also partners and friends. 

The implications are important for all women who have a family history of Duchenne or who have had children with Duchenne if you are a Carrier. Women whose children have a spontaneous mutation will also find the sessions interesting. 

You will get an insight into the genetics behind being a Carrier, along with finding out about up to the minute screening tests and procedures. You will have the chance to meet other families, discuss your symptoms and receive support from the group.

As well as our carrier workshops, we also hold a Carrier session at the Action Duchenne International Conference which covers many interesting topics, such as genetic counselling, tests for carriers, how Duchenne and Becker are inherited and carrier health. 

Look out for the next carrier workshops over the next few months. Call us 020 7250 8240 or express an interest in attending by emailing [email protected].

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