How and why have you become involved with Action Duchenne?

  • I hadn’t heard of DMD (Duchenne muscular dystrophy) until my friends son, Ashley Wegg, was diagnosed. Lesley and I worked together closely and become friends, so when I heard the news I wanted to do something to support as I couldn’t imagine how she must be feeling. This led to me volunteering for a zip wire event, and then running (and walking) the London Marathon, as well as attending the charity ball Lesley hosts. Through this I met Helen Keenan who contacted me to see if I was in London during the GBBF (CAMRA Great British Beer Festival). Realising she had a number of days to fulfil, I offered to bring some of my team to use their corporate charity hours to support Action Duchenne

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What positive impact has taking part in this event had on your team?

  • As well as them spending time together as a team, and therefore strengthening their relationships and understanding of each other, I was able to see how they planned to get the most from the day for the charity, and then how they executed that plan, reviewing progress as they went along.
  • They played to each other’s strengths and this meant that they were able to collect money and raise awareness effectively
  • The team was made up of some of my Area support team and Bank Managers, who work remotely from each other in busy environments, so they don’t often get the opportunity to work so closely for a shared goal. It was good to observe how this played out on the day, and gave me some more information about them which will be useful in the future


Do you have feedback from you team about the event, or working with us?

  • They loved working with Helen and were impressed with her enthusiasm and energy, especially as she had been doing this for long hours over a few days. She was welcoming and prepared the team by giving them useful knowledge into DMD and some tactics she has used to encourage public support
  • The team found that awareness of Action Duchenne was low in people’s minds, and so they spent some time telling folk about DMD. Once the person heard ‘Muscular Dystrophy’ they often would have heard enough and therefore would support with a cash donation




If you are interested in forming a corporate partnership with Action Duchenne to help raise awareness and vital funds please get in touch with or call 020 7250 8240.