Hold a bake sale or raffle, organise a family fun-day or disco, or simply pound the streets with a collecting tin! Whatever you choose to do for Action Duchenne, we will support you every step of the way!

You will be part of the team who are carving the future for everyone living with Duchenne.

Wow, what a night! I thoroughly enjoyed organising the event and it was great to see it come together on the night. - Kate & Andrew Maurice, Parent and Fundraiser (Dinner & Dance)

If you are thinking of organising your own event and are looking for inspiration, support and advice then you are in the right place! Our dedicated Community Fundraising Officers would love to hear from you.

Action Duchenne receive no funding from the government, our entire existence is fuelled by incredible Duchenne families and their wonderful supporters, families and friends like you.

Through choosing to fundraise for Action Duchenne you are directly helping to create a world where lives are no longer limited by Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Why fundraise for Action Duchenne?

With the help of you, our inspirational community, Action Duchenne fund cutting edge technology and clinical trials into potential treatments to benefit everyone living their lives with Duchenne. We campaign for equality for people with disabilities and provide life lines through our support for families and people living with Duchenne.

When you fundraise for us, you will receive:

  • Our full support from day one

  • All the materials, information and support you need to make your event a success

  • Dedicated fundraising advice to help you to reach that target

The AD team are wonderfully friendly and accommodating and as some of them invariably take part alongside you, you know they appreciate the effort you are putting in.  It’s also great to meet other families affected by Duchenne. - Nicole Greenfield-Smith (Aunt)

Inspired to make a difference?

We "jumped" at the chance to take part. It's a great charity trying to do so much good. We posted our Just Giving page to social media. We got Tescos to put our buckets in store and also had a day in the local store raising money. A friend of mine owns a boxing gym and he let us go to an event with our buckets asking for small donations, this is where a lot of the money was made. The day in itself was fantastic. It was so well put together. The day and entire experience made me feel proud to have helped and good to have done something for someone else. I would happily do more fund raising in the future. Thank you for the opportunity. - Sophie Tredget (family friend - Peterborough parachute jump)

I didn’t want to do the jump, but as we have always said, we have to make the most of every day and to not let fear stop us from achieving things. I wanted to show the boys that Daddy is frightened of things too, but that anyone can achieve anything if you put your mind to it. Of all the challenges I have taken on for Action Duchenne this was the hardest one, even though it was over so fast. It is amazing to be part of the Action Duchenne community, to have the option of doing incredible things which I would not do in normal life, but when I was descending 10,000 feet to the ground, the reality stung me emotionally and I was struck again by the main reason I was doing this, my son Samson.  Samson and his brother and sister came to watch my skydive and I was so proud as they cheered me on and shared in making memories. - Lex Ellison (Duchenne Dad and Serial Fundraiser - Peterborough Skydive)

I came up with the idea of a dinner dance/auction last June because organising social events is much more 'me' than climbing up a mountain or leaping into Salford Quays for a sponsored swim! It was easier than I expected to get friends and family to part with some cash and agree to a night out. I think they all know how much Toby and his family mean to me as I've been friends with his mum for a staggering 40 years! Having friends going through a tough time getting to grips with a serious illness can make you feel entirely helpless, and organising an event to raise money for a charity is a way of doing something helpful and proactive. I would definitely consider doing something similar again, although I think we have to be mindful of not asking the same people for cash too frequently. - Annabelle (family friend and fundraiser - Dinner & Dance)

Wow, what a night! I thoroughly enjoyed organising the event and it was great to see it come together on the night. We are extremely grateful for the support of friends and family and to have an enjoyable evening too was just perfect! We were very appreciative of the support from Action Duchenne and it was great that Paul could join us for the evening.  His speech was most definitely an integral part to the fundraising. - Kate & Andrew Maurice (parents - Dinner & Dance)

We loved every minute of the Action Duchenne abseil. The team spirit was strong and knowing that we were all partaking for such a worthy cause made swallowing our fear and taking the plunge that by easier. We can't wait for the next fundraising adventure. - Nicole Greenfield-Smith (Aunt - Arcellor Mittal Abseil)

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