I volunteered with Action Duchenne for the annual conference, which in 2017 was held in Birmingham. I came down from Glasgow to work there over the weekend, and I am so glad I did!

My half-brother, Cormac (7), was diagnosed with DMD back in 2014, so I had a personal connection to the cause. My father is also one of the organisation’s trustees, and being an events management student in Glasgow I was eager to gain some practical experience in the field.

Over the weekend the team made me feel extremely welcome. I was given a fetching shirt (that I got to keep!) and quickly got into a flow. The first day was always going to be the busiest – but since everyone there worked together so well I barely noticed. Registration ran almost like an assembly line, everyone knew where help was needed and got on with it!

The biggest thing I noticed about working with the AD team is how much they appreciate their volunteers. Something as simple as getting me a cup of coffee really meant a lot! I have worked at many events with many different organisations, that is the first time a staff member got something for me.

I was really made to feel valued by being complimented on my work and thanked any chance they got. It was interesting to work one-on-one with staff members and learn about their experiences at the organisation and with DMD in general. I have so much respect for every single one of them and the work they do.

Overall, the Action Duchenne team were an absolute dream to work with! I recommend anyone thinking of working with them on events to definitely get in touch, and I am excited to do more work with them in the future" - Katie Fegan, Volunteer 2017