What is a Treasure Hunt?

A Treasure Hunt is a new, fun, exciting and easy way to explore towns, cities & villages across the UK this Summer whilst fundraising for Action Duchenne.

Suitable for all ages, with many of the trails being pushchair and wheelchair friendly, what better way to get together with family and friends or colleagues from work and try something different.

There are over 1,200 trails to choose from, all YOU need to do is choose a theme, recruit your teams and go for it!  Follow the trail, Solve the clues, See the sights!

Turn your treasure hunt into a fundraising opportunity easily, why not charge people to take part, run competitions for the best outfit, quickest to finish, first to get lost etc.

Click here to find out more from Treasure Trails or here from Huntfun 

Huntfun are very kindly offering the community a 10% discount on their printed hunts,  please use the code DMD18 at checkout.

Dont forget to let our wonderful Community Fundraising Officers Helen or Sam know about your upcoming adventures! They will be on hand to support you with fundraising advice, hints and tips. 

You'll also recieve an Action Duchenne welcome pack which will include an Action Duchenne t-shirt.

Download a fundraising pack