This study is only open to boys in Scotland and although sufficient numbers of patients have been recruited in Glasgow, they are still recruiting from outside Glasgow.

Dr Shuko Joseph with Action Duchenne Scottish Advocate and Grandparent John Miller

Dr Jarod Wong says, “we are delighted to be a co-funder of the ScOT-DMD (Secondary Osteoporosis & Its Therapy In Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy) research study.  Boys with DMD are at high risk of developing fragile bones leading to fractures.  Up to 40% of boys lose ambulation earlier after the first fracture, so research into this area is important to allow us to find better ways to treat fragile bones in DMD.”

This is the first longitudinal study of bone health in boys with DMD (aged 5-16 years) over a 2 year period using a series of bone imaging and bone markers open to recruitment for boys in Scotland.  Boys aged 10-16 years will also be eligible to participate in a single study visit using high resolution MRI to look at detailed assessment of bone and muscle.  

For further information, please discuss with your treating doctor in Scotland or contact Dr Shuko Joseph for further information ([email protected]).