Benjamin is a 20 year old Student, an Intern at Action Duchenne and still walks despite living with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.


Watch Benjamin's interview where he speaks about his life and the things he does to keep active

"As an individual with Duchenne, I have been an active member of the Action Duchenne community for many years. Having just finished my second year studying Neuroscience at the University of Nottingham, I wanted to find work experience with Action Duchenne during my summer.

Action Duchenne Summer Internship

During my time at Action Duchenne I have been writing content for the release of their new website, focusing on giving an overview on Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Other content that I have written for the website includes describing the genetics and inheritance of Duchenne, the signs and symptoms of Duchenne and the clinical trial process. Due to my background in science I was in an ideal position to write about these various areas for the website.

I have enjoyed working at the charity, getting to know the team at Action Duchenne and how they operate, working to find a cure for Duchenne and improve the lives of those with the condition.
This internship was ideal for me as I wish to pursue a career in science communication, opening my eyes to one aspect of this field of work. I hope to continue to work with Action Duchenne in the future and look forward to the release of the new website." - Benjamin James

Hear from Venetia James, Benjamin's Mum as she gives some tips to other families