We had such an amazing time. It was incredibly difficult at times, and emotional too. But the best experience I think I've ever had! - Zoe Ward (Parent, Ben Nevis)

Zoe and Ben have been an amazing part of the Action Duchenne family since their gorgeous son, Dexter was diagnosed with Duchenne.

They have taken part in a number of fundraising events, from ascending Ben Nevis, holding a Family Fun Day, to taking part in the Modball Rally and hosting their own charity ball.

Zoe and Ben attended the 2016 Conference the year after Dexter's diagnosis, and in 2017 bought the children along too, who were absolutely amazing and had fun with Zoe's Mum and the other children at the family event! 

Zoe has been into the Action Duchenne offices to meet the team, get support and personalised information about potential research projects which may benefit Dexter. 

Ben's company have also donated to Action Duchenne and we are proud to welcome them as new Action Duchenne Family Ambassadors. 

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